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 2017 Pizza73 Players of the Week

Player of the week - May 15-22, 2017
From the U15 Girls - Rianna Sundlie

Rianna led her team with 13 points this week, but it's the way she got them that has earned her player of the week this week!  She is not just trying the same old moves over and over again, but instead she is using the different moves we have worked on in skills camp to get to the basket!  She also contributed 7 rebounds in her effort!  Great work Rianna!!

Other player highlights of the week

U13 Boys Weigl - Ethan Wilson

Ethan is always hustling, being quick on defense and aggressive on offense!  He had 4 points, 2 rebounds and 1 steal in their game this week.  Good work Ethan!

U13 Boys C - Justin Beamish

Justin uses his great poise on the floor to help his teammates throughout the game.  He doesn't take a lot of shots, but leads through example by doing all the little things right!  This week he chipped in with 2 steals and 2 rebounds on the stat sheet!

U13 Girls - Ashley Howden

Ashley's team played a tough game this week, but she always is intense on defense, making it hard on the opposition.  She didn't have any points this week, but secured 6 rebounds, 3 steals and had 1 assist.  

U17 Girls - Teressa Fonstad

Teressa was all over the floor in their game this week!  She had a season high 9 points, a Rocket season high 8 steals along with 7 rebounds and 1 assist!  Not only is she putting  into practice the things we've worked on, but she'd pushing through the pain, playing through injured shins!  Great work!!

U15 Boys - Eric George

Eric played a great game this week, leading his team to victory with 27 points, 7 rebounds, 5 blocked shots and 2 steals!  Good luck in the playoffs!

Player of the week - May 8-14, 2017
From the U17 Girls - Maria Brouwer

Maria had 2 games this week, posting 21 points, 22 rebounds, 8 assists and 7 steals between the two!  She played very well, looking for her teammates and taking the opportunities when they were given!  Great job earning player of the week honours!

Other player highlights of the week

U13 Boys Weigl - Matthew Fischer

Matthew worked hard this week, putting to practice what the coach asked him to do.  He was smart in his decisions and played a very good team game!  Great job Matthew!

U13 Boys C - Alex Sinclair

Alex had a solid week, as it seems he does every week.  In two games he had 24 points, 8 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 blocked shot!  He earns the coaches praise this week, great work!!

U13 Girls - Ariana Dodds

Ariana's team got their first win this past week, and she was a huge part of it, scoring 26 points!  She had another game as well, in which she scored 4 points, had 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal!  She had a fantastic week!!

U15 Girls - Emily Megill

Emily played a solid game this week, going 2/2 from the floor for 4 points and adding 7 rebounds!  Great work Emily!

U15 Boys - Jakob Hoople

Jakob and his team had a good week, but Jakob capped it off with a 26 point performance to go with 8 rebounds in their last game!  He had great finish and drive to the basket, and played a great game!

Player of the week - May 1-7, 2017
From the U13 Girls - Emma Dowhaniuk

Emma was injured this week, but proves that you don't even need to touch the floor to earn player of the week honours!  Even though she knew she couldn't play, she still showed up to practice to be there for her team, showing what a true teammate is!  

Other player highlights of the week

U13 Boys Weigl - Gavin Barron

Gavin always plays with lots of energy, and this game was no different!  He played hard for his team, scoring 10 points in their game!  Great work!

U15 Girls - Alease MacDougall

Alease was the hardest worker on the floor in their game.  She played very smart and aggresive, leading the team with 2 assists, while also securing 6 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocked shots!  Many great strides made in this game!  Good job Alease!

U17 Girls - Caitlin Schultz

The U17 Girls had no subs in their Tuesday game this week, so Caitlin played the whole game, and played it very well.  She was smart, made some incredible 1on1 moves to the basket and contributed on the stat sheet with 16 rebounds, 3 steals, 1 assist and 8 points!  She has the coaches singing her praises this week.

Player of the week - April 24-30, 2017
From the U15 Boys - Lucas Wendt

Lucas had a fantastic game this week, leading his team to victory with 27 points, 17 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocked shots!  Great job Lucas!

Other player highlights of the week

U13 Boys Cherfan - Kyryn Hamilton


Kyryn played incredibly well this week, going 1/3 from the field for 2 pts, and accumulated 4 steals to go with that!  Great work Kyryn!

U13 Boys Weigl - Liam Cochrane

Liam led the way for his team this week, scoring 14 points, securing 7 rebound and being all over the other team with 5 steals!  

U13 Girls - Alexandria McKay

Allie's teamwork gets her the nod from her coaches this week for player of the game!  She was very unselfish and did what her team needed as they played a hard fought battle!

U17 Girls A - Henriette Akkerman

Henriette played a great game this week, taking great shots from which she scored 13 points.  She also played hard on the boards, securing 12 rebounds and looked for her teammates tallying 2 assists.  Great work Henriette!

U17 Girls B - Teressa Fonstad

Teressa had a wonderful showing this week, playing smart and aggresive right off the bat, leading her team in rebounds with 8, steals with 4, and also contributing 4 points!

Player of the week - April 17-23, 2017
From the U17 Girls B - Jasmynn Barendregt

Jazz had a great week as her team had 3 games!  She steppd up on the offense, driving the ball to the basket at will, scoring a Rocket season high 25 points in one game, 46 points in the 3 games!  She also led her team in steals with 15 and contributed 15 rebounds.  Great job this week Jazz!  

Other player highlights of the week

U13 Boys Cherfan - Cade Finlayson


Cade's team had 2 games in which he contributed 11 points, 6 rebounds and 4 steals!  Cade was aggresive and wasn't afraid to take it to the hoop and earned his coaches praise this week!

U13 Boys Weigl - Fred Burvill

Fred's team had two games which he had great games on both ends of gthe floor!  Offensively he scored 8 points in each game.  He led his team with 17 rebounds and 11 steals through the two games!  On the bench he had a great attitude, knowing how to take criticism and transfer the negative into positive play on the floor.  I'm really proud of the "The Train!" - Coach Roc

U13 Girls - Summer Hoover

Summer had a great defensive game this week, while also playing smart and capitalizing on her chances in the offensive end going 2 for 3 from the field for 4 points.  She also contributed 6 rebounds and 1 steal and earns her coaches praise for the week!  Great job Summer!

U15 Girls - Chelsea Schultz

Chelsea had a great game this week, leading her team in every stats category with 10 points, 14 rebounds, 7 steals and 3 assists!  She worked hard, crashing the boards on offense and never giving up on the play!  Great work Chelsea!

U17 Girls A - Alyssa Russell

Alyssa had a fantastic performance this week, and seems to be getting better every week as she scored 11 points, had 10 rebounds and led the team with 3 assists this week!  She played smart and continues to be a solid player for our team!  Good job Alyssa!

Player of the week - April 10-16, 2017
From the U13 Boys W Team - Marko Djordevic

"Marko gave us a clinic on how to play big as a small team against a much bigger team.  He was fearless on the court on both sides.  Defensively he was a wall with 11 steals.  Offensively he led the team in scoring with 12 points.  As a primary ball handler he drove to score and yet distributed the ball well to his teammates.  Congratulations MArko in playing a great game and earning player of the week honours!" - Coach Roc

Other player highlights of the week

Austin Webster, U13 Boys Cherfan


Austin had a great week this week, not only being an important part of the team in their game, but also stepping up in practice!  He was smart and aggresive in their game, scoring 4 points and leading the team in steals with 4!

Emma Dowhaniuk - U13 Girls

Emma shows great promise as she made some great plays in their game this week.  Her confidence is growing and her coaches are excited about the kind of things she will be able to do as the season rolls on.  She had 2 steals as she helped her team fight!

U15 Boys - Riley Jomha

Riley is a very unselfish player and smart on the court.  This past week his team lost by 7, but he contributed 13 points (3 for 5 three-pointers), 5 rebounds and 3 assists while leading the team with 5 steals!

U15 Girls - Haylee Yellowbird

The U15 Girls had a tough game this week as their shots just didn't want to fall, but Haylee managed the best shooting percentage on her team, making 2 of 5 shots and a tie for the team lead in points with 4 on the night.  She also came up with 4 rebounds, which was a tie for the team lead.  Great work this week Haylee!

U17 Girls A - Hannah Grantham

Hannah had a great game for her team this week!  She led her team in points with 16, blocked shots with 6 and assists with 3.  She also came down with 12 rebounds for her first double double of the season!  Great work this week Hannah!

Player of the week - April 3-9 2017
From the U13 Girls Team - Hayley Campbell

Hayley was a force to be reckoned with in the U13 Girls 2 games this past week!  They came up against some good teams, but Hayley remained aggresive, leading her team with 11 pts and 18 rebounds in the 2 games!  This performance lands Hayley with the Pizza73 Player of the week honours!!

Other player highlights of the week

Gavin Beamish, U13 Boys Cherfan


Gavin earns the praise of his coaches this week for having the heart of a champion!  At first he didn't want to step on the floor against the giants on the other team, but once he got on the floor, he showed no fear, driving with confidence into and around them!

Kailer Mills - U13 Boys Weigl

Kailer is one of the smallest athletes on the team, but what he lacks in size he makes up with heart and intensity.  His on ball defense is excellent amd he never gives up.  His most valuable quality is that he is coachable.  While he didn't get on the scoreboard this game his on ball defense caused a turnover that created a scoring opportunity for his team members.  As he grows into his game he is going to become very successful and an asset to any team he plays on.

U15 Boys - Callin Harris

Callin and the U15 Boys had a great start to the season, winning their first two games and falling by 4 points in the third.  Callin contributed 21 points, but more importantly than that, he used his quickness to create and set the tone for his team.  His coaches are very impressed with his play to start the season!

U15 Girls - Rianna Sundlie

The U15 Girls had 3 games this week, and while they were short players for the 2 games on Saturday, Rianna stepped up when it mattered, securing 14 offensive rebounds and 14 defensive rebounds to go with her 11 points!  She never stopped with the effort, and it really impressed her coaches!

U17 Girls A - Maria Brouwer

Maria plays point guard on the U17 Girls A team, but that doesn't stop her from leading the team in rebounds, securing 17 rebounds in their first game and another 11 in the second.  28 total rebounds to go with her 12 points in their first 2 games.  She played incredibly well and deserves to be praised for her efforts!

U17 Girls B - Avery Levirs

Avery and the U17 Girls B also had 2 games this week in which she led her team with 20 points.  She was strong under the hoop and never stopped working!


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