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Stony Plain Basketball is a ministry of Stony Plain Baptist Church which exists to facilitate:
  • Quality Coaching
  • Quality Skills
  • Quality Athletes
  • Quality Community


Phase 1, The Stony Plain Central Years 1983 - 1985

The camp had its genesis at Stony Plain Central School under the coaching of Shalogne Kosakovich, a then Panda’s player who presently teaches at Jasper Place High School, and Dave Cunney, a former referee and teacher at Stony Plain Central School. That year there were eight campers registered.

In its second year Shalogne returned to coach together with Gerry Cousins and once again SPC hosted the camp.

In the third year Gerry Cousins returned and brought along Dave Youngs as an up and coming new coach.

Phase 2, The Memorial Years 1986 - 2007

In 1986 the camp had to move to Memorial Composite High School and for the next two years Gerry Cousins and Dave Youngs continued coaching the camp.

In 1988 Neil Ogelstone(teacher and basketball coach at Memorial) became the camp director and Dave Youngs became the head coach.

During this time the camp became known as the Memorial Basketball Camp and as its popularity grew more gym space was required to accommodate the growing demand for skill development.

Also, during this time the camp was organized into its present format of INTORDUCTORY LEVEL (Grade 2-4), JUNIOR LEVEL (Grade 4-7), INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (Grade 6-8), SENIOR LEVEL (Grade 8-9) and ADVANCED LEVE (Grade 10-12).

Phase 3, The Rockets 2008 - Present

Summer Camp '07 was Neil Ogelstone’s last year as camp director. He turned the directorship over to Roc Weigl and Stony Plain Baptist Church.  That being the case, there was no longer a staff member of Memorial as part of the camp, so they were told it could not be called the Memorial Camp anymore.  So began the "Rockets."  For these four years, Roc got his feet under him organizing the summer basketball camp.  Roc, along with good friend and fellow coach Tony Cherfan, saw the growing interest in basketball in this community and began to expand the program to Fall skills camps, Spring skills camps, Spring League teams and hosting the Rim Rocker Tournaments!  

Up to this point, due to the fact that Neil Oglestone was the director of the camp (a teacher and coach at Memorial), the gym usage was free in order to give the kids in this community the best chance of attending a great camp for little money!  Neil did a fantastic job of growing the basketball program!

In 2010, with the change of directorship fairly new, other changes began to happen with the camp and the Parkland School Division.  This was the first year that the camp was required to pay for the gym usage for Memorial's 2 gyms, High Park and Stony Plain Central school.  This was somewhat discouraging, but Roc did not want to have to cancel the camp because of it.  He had to increase the camp fee to $225 in order to pay for the approximately $1400 per gym for the week.  As much of an inconvenience that this was, they made due and made sure the camp was able to continue.  

In 2011, Roc decided that it was time for a younger generation to start taking over the Rockets, and therefore started to get his son Rocky involved in a greater capacity, with the intention of him taking over all duties at some point.  While Rocky was learning the ropes, gym space was becoming harder and harder to come by in the summer.  

In the summer of 2012 Memorial began a summer school Phys Ed class that took place during the same week as the camp.  Therefore this was the first summer that we were not able to use both of Memorial's gyms for the camp.  We were still able to run the camp, but it became very spread out among gyms in the community and more difficult to keep together with the same feel it used to have.  The camp was still a great success, other than the fact that the Intro camp had to be cancelled for the first time in years due to a lack of interest by the youngsters.  This being Rocky's first year running the camp, he had to cancel the use of Stony Plain Central gym at the last minute.  He made this known to the Parkland School Division and they seemed to understand with no big deal made of the cancellation.  

Summer 2013 came with many new challenges.  Roc went through the same process applications for summer gyms while Rocky was in BC for three months.  He handed the forms in personally.  When Rocky came back in April, he was waiting to hear back from the applications that Roc handed in to the Parkland School Division.  As the year before he did not hear until late May which gyms would be available for use, he was not worried.  Early in May he wanted to touch base with PSD to see if things were going to work out.  He went in to the office to inquire and was met with rude hostility.  To this day he has no idea what the reason was for the rudeness.  When he inquired further he was told that Roc had never dropped the forms off and a few days later found out they would not have access to any gyms for the summer camp in 2013.  Rocky simply asked why and wondered what had changed in the past couple years to turn the Parkland School Division against the camp.  He was not phased, yet scrambled to find a space for the camp to take place.  The TriLeisure Centre in Spruce Grove had the exact timeframe open on the North Field that would be good enough for 2 of the groups, along with half the gym for the Intro Camp!  Along with the generosity of Living Waters and St. Matthews, the camp still had a place to work in this community!  While the camp was going on, Rocky was told by friends that the High Park gym sat empty for the entire week, with the custodians there working for the whole week.  Whatever the reason for denying access to gym usage, it had nothing to do with the gym being busy or custodians being unable to work.  No reasons were actually ever given as to why the denial.  All we can do is not get discouraged and keep trying to give the kids of this community a chance to play basketball.

Summer 2014 has the same feel as 2013.  The letter has been sent to Serge Labrie of Parkland School Division requesting use of a couple gyms, but he has yet to reply and we expect nothing once again.  The future of the "Rockets" skills camp is uncertain, but year by year we will continue to give kids the opportunity to learn, play and be part of a team in the sport of basketball.


  • "Hayley had a great time at camp. She was up, packed and ready every morning in record time. The organization and quality of coaching were both outstanding. I will be encouraging all of my U-11 players (David Youngs daughter will be playing with us) from this fall's team to come out to your camp next year. By all means keep me informed of your other camps. Thanks again for giving my daughter a terrific experience." - Mitch Parsons

  • Advisory Board
    • Roc Weigl
    • Neil Ogelstone
    • Richard Nelson
  • Director of Operations: Rocky Weigl
  • Director of Basketball Development: Tony Cherfan

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